What are the sizes of kattoe-tees?

You may check the sizes here:

Men's / Women's / Kids'

What are the differences between men's, women's and kid's tees?

You can find more info here.

What are your tees made of?

Our current range are 100% cotton, and the men's and women's range are certified organic.

What is the customisation about?

Kattoe-tees are print-to-order. This allows us to add a little customisation to the tee before it is printed. For a small fee, you can add your name or initials (maximum of 15 characters) at the collar area of the tee. Kattoe-tees do not have collar labels, our logo is printed direct onto the tee. Your customised name will replace the sizing info which is located just below the kattoe logo.

What happens if I buy the wrong size?

We can arrange for an exchange if  you did not customise your initials/name on the tee. However, if you had chosen to customise the tee, we will not be able to arrange an exchange. We have a 30-day refund and exchange policy.


kattoe design printed tees

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